Top 5 ACCIDENTS Caught in YOUTUBERS videos

Top 5 ACCIDENTS Caught in YOUTUBERS videos

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Top 5 ACCIDENTS Caught in YOUTUBERS videos

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  1. Dude the first one were the man jumped wasn't a fucking accident you just cut out some of the video he did land in the water there was another video i watched and he landed in the water he was very close to hitting the rocks

  2. dude there was this one accident with YummiR6 were 2 guys came up on him and his brother and one of them had a gun and he thankfully didnt pull it out but it couldve gone really bad for Yummi and his brother.

  3. And yeah, and yeah, and yeahand yeah, and yeah, and yeah, and yeah fucking hell dude you sound like a little kid trying to do a presentation in front of a class make a fucking script or something

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