Sherlock Holmes Alive ? On America’s Got Talent 2017 Auditions

Sherlock Holmes Alive ? America’s Got Talent Auditions 2017
Sherlock Holmes audition by Colin cloud on agt 2017,
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Sherlock Holmes Alive ? On America’s Got Talent 2017 Auditions

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  1. This act was easy for me to debunk however, I know many people, in my everyday life, that would have be absolutely baffled by this performance. I chose not to ruin the amusement for them. If such simple things can make them grin from ear to ear, I won't be the one to take away that happiness; unless, of course, they ask me how it's done.

  2. holy shit this dude needs a youtube crime series or netflix or he needs to work a case with a sherlock homes actor I don't care just either one of those make it happen

  3. If you guys liked this act you should definitely check out Derren Brown's shows (particularly Enigma and Svengali). He's a very popular british mentalist who does mind blowing feats of mind reading and a plethora of other tricks that will, I assure you, mind fuck you. This guy was clearly inspired by Mr Brown.

  4. He paid some people in the audiences to say the things he wanted to hear. Which is White Cat name Oscar. Idk how the people in the audiences are impressed by his act. If he had ask the judge to choose the name it would be a little convincing, but here he just pretend that every person that he choose from the audience is completely random. But in reality they were probably paid to say yes and act surprise. I'm extremely sorry to anyone that might read this and is hurt by this, but you got to face the fact. Magic is an illusion, but in this this guy's act the illusion is not convincing. I believed that magic is suppose to make you believe that magic is real, but what this guy is doing is completely opposite. I'm sorry man if you are reading this. Maybe try harder next time.

  5. I'm no spoilsport, but I will just say: he had absolute control of the name, color, and animal before he even started. In a way, that is very Sherlock Holmes-y, though.

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