San Antonio Spurs vs GS Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | May 16, 2017 | #NBAPlayoffs

West Finals – Game 2
Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs – Full Game Highlights, May 16, 05/16, May 16th, #NBAPlayoffs #DubNation #GoSpursGo #SAS #SpursNation #StrengthInNumbers

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San Antonio Spurs vs GS Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | May 16, 2017 | #NBAPlayoffs

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  1. here's wat u y'all don't understand yes kawi is a very big impact for the Spurs he provides alot for the team but if he has affect on a team that much to a point we're they will lose that bad then there's no way they r going to win or let alone win a series cause it's a team effort and no team should get beat that bad just for people to say oh they didn't have have kawi so it's ok they got blown out by 36 it doesn't work like that and that's the main point

  2. Where is Manu, Parker, ok I know they deliberately injured Kahwi but, a team shouldn't rely only on one player like Lakers to Kobe.

  3. referees don't allow teams to play lock down defense on Golden State. If a player graze anyone from Warriors a foul is called. When Golden state doesn't get calls they start crying and lose the game. Then when teams are really hot start beating Golden state and they are down referees go in attack mode. Next thing game tied Warriors win. look at these games no matter what team. Teams are playing defense like an All STAR game guys just let great shooters shoot because they don't want to foul out It ridiculous. teams getting beat from jump shots. Don't take my word for it look at the games these guys are alway open. I can watch the Harlem Globe trotters for that

  4. I go to two things, green is hands out the dirtiest player on the court today, so aggressive in he's rebounds and blocks. Also I hate watching warriors play now it's been the same offence for the past 3 years, just pass the ball to shoot a three

  5. GSW are you competitive enough beating the other team without one of there great player these game is boring to watch.

  6. ahahah nothing I love more than seeing golden state sweep this embarrassment of a team. They fans got all kinds of excuses, and if thats what what you gotta hold on to for faith to win then gtfo lmao, LA is a bitch nigga and if you cant get over an injury because your bench sucks more dick than alexis texas that ain't my problem lolol. Spurs are trash and they're fans are even worse.

  7. We just lost, dudes never stepped the fuck up specially Mills & Aldridge, GS were shooting uncontested 3's all day like it's an all star game, step the fuck up man

  8. the same "fans" that claimed cavs "winning" last year because draymond green was suspended yet denies gsw "winning" because Kawhi was out… and y'all think draymond = Kawhi??? KAWHI THE MVP

  9. Another thing, why in the hell does Curry run around on the court with a damn (pacifier) mouth guard hanging from his mouth?  At times, he takes it out, looks at it then puts in back into his mouth.  Did anyone at home teach you about germs and being health conscience.  it is a very nasty practice and it is so annoying.  Maybe he is insecure and has some deep-seeded emotional problem…perhaps his parents let him use a "binkie" until he was 5 or 6 years old.  It is disturbing.  You are suppose to be a man, Steph.  Put that damn thing in your  mouth and let it stay there.  During break, take it out and use some hand sanitizer.  Filthy habit.

  10. Another awesome regular season followed by a letdown in the playoffs. Year in, year out. Aren't you Spurs fans tired of this?? HAHA! See you guys next season, when I look forward to another awesome regular season push.

  11. Who else just clicked this video to immediately scroll to the comments too see fans rage at each other again? Lmao basketball and youtube is just too great together.

  12. To the blogger, 1st hating is disliking, jealously, envious, and so on for no apparent reason. Pointing something out, observing something is not hating especially when it not your team. I would rather be a hater by you definition than a bandwagoner. I am keeping it 100. I am not going to be fake with no loyalty team hopping. understand. People like that jump on what is hot. From 2000 to now majority of people probably switch teams like 10 times. From Lakers, Detroit, Spurs, Dallas, Miami, back to Spurs, now Golden State. I understand. You all must have came out of hiding from under a rock because I can't remember seeing any comments posting from Golden State fans before 2014. When the team us dismantled, I hope the fans stay

  13. Amazing some of the earlier comments. People act like Green Suspension was a favor to Cleveland. Green should have being suspended the first time he kicked some one during that year. He being getting away with it. There was not choice but to suspend him after he kicked someone twice in the same series. In the balls too. Had anyone else did that they would have being banded.

  14. Congratulations Warriors!  You are officially now the face of VIOLENCE in the NBA.  People were being fooled by that baby face.  You are as hateful and violent as Pachulia.
    Did the new CBA discuss violence or set new guidelines?   NO.  They love to see this kind of street action.  Most NBA players came from the hood and it spills out on the court.  It doesn't matter if they came from another country.  When the Warriors realized they were losing big time, they became desperate and devised a plan, but did not want their 3 BIGS to be the perpetrator. Za Za was singled out by the team to commit this act during half time.  I HOPE LEBRON JAMES KICK YOUR A—- and send you back to Oakland with your tail between your butt.  Remember, they have a violent streak to, but the Warriors were held to a higher standard.  Not any more.  The coaching staff are not innocent either.  They probably told Pachulia, GOOD JOB ZA ZA!   On a different note, Skip and Shannon need to be banned from FOX1.  They sound like to thugs on the street corner playing the dozen.  No analytical ability whatsoever.

  15. Tbh.. Gsw .. zaza injured durant.. but gsw still manage to win alot of games.. in straight wins. Spurs only loss because of kawhi? Srsly? I know gsw got some good players like draymond, curry, klay and more. Just my opinion xD

  16. man the NBA should not have allowed freaking KEvin Durant to go to a team that already had STeph curry  klay Thompson and Draymond Green .  Shit is so unfair to the rest of the nba man.  THeres like No  competition for this ridiculous roster.   This team could compete with ANY TEAM in league history.  SO many scorers  so many shooters  underrated defense.  2 league mvps  rididculous

  17. steph curry is no fuckin joke bro. it astounds me that haters actually try to say hes "overrated".  lol.  im not a warriors fan or even a big curry fan but I know and admit greatness when I see it.  STEPH is on his way to being an ALL TIME GREAT.

  18. the warriors has a five stars mode. they are draymond, iquodala, durant, klay, curry. when these five players are on the court the same time, they are unbeatable.

  19. I've always wanted to see an epic series between these two teams, but it's so lopsided now. =/

    I think the Warriors could still beat the Spurs even without Durant AND with Leonard playing, and it would have been a series for the ages.

    I guess as a Warriors fan, I should just be happy. lol

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