San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Game 1 | May 14, 2017 | NBA Playoffs

San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | May 14, 2017 | NBA Playoffs
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San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Game 1 | May 14, 2017 | NBA Playoffs

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  1. All the bullshit by the media to create something gullible to most of the idiots out here. Zaza even couldn't believe he was called for the foal as you can see him running away and complaining. NBA at it trying to discredit GSW, I bet the narrative would have been different if it was the CAVs. The will call it the greatest comeback in history my bullshit. Spurs fans are pathetic to think that a team with a healthy Kwahi that just choked to GSW without KD was impossible. Look at how the refs were trying to foul Drammond and Durant out in the 3rd quarter. None of you complained of those unnecessary fouls called. Just quit complaining of your loss on Kwahi been out. At the time of him being injured Curry had more points than him so quit your bullshit. Spurs were all up because they entire played well.

  2. In all honesty I think the Cavs fans should be afraid of the Spurs so I wouldn't cheer them on if I were a Cavs fan. The warriors beat the Cavs by about 30 and the Spurs were beating the warrriors by 25 so where do you think that puts the Cavs? In deep shit is the answer.

  3. FIRST & FOREMOST THIS IS NOT A RANT, JUST DETAILS ON WHY THIS SEASON & PLAYOFFS WAS WACK… I CANT STAND THE SPURS & BEEN A WARRIORS FAN SINCE 06, Warriors lucky as hell, they been lucky all year, lucky wit he KD injury, Lucky in the teams they played, then the Jazz do all that shit n can barely beat a Clips team witout Blake, JJ bein JJ, Crawford bein Crawford, then to get swept, thought they'd at least win a game, Warriors lucky they didnt Face the Grizz who coulda got a win or two over em as well as maybe the Rockets even though they not shit i knew the Spurs would fuck em up, maybe a healthy Clipper squad, Clippers are always injured especially CP3 & Blake, Suprised paul played in the whole series, i wanted to see the Warriors played teams who had the most chances of beatin em, i saw the game once Kawhi got injured a second time n he left n then the Warriors made a run i said fuck this game this exactly why i dont giva fuck bout this years playoffs, real NBA fans get want to see Competition, but its like Stephen A said this season gets a D no matter what spectacular shit happen durin the season it gets negated by what we all know… warriors vs Cavs, i wasnt even gone watch any games, then on top of that all the national games are the same dam teams bulls, cavs, warriors, spurs, celtics, clippers, a few thunder games but like there are other good teams people wanna see, i mean its not like we gone see em durin the playoffs cause the Cavs n GSW gone fuck em up anyway, i told people its gone be easy street for the most part of this years playoffs before the season even started, n what we got GSW & Cavs 8-0 goin into the conference finals & the games aint even been close cept for the Pacers n Cavs series(by the way Raptors aint shit n yes i am a raptors fan but i expected more outta them after takin the cavs to 6 last year, they coulda won a game without Lowry but apparently Dechosen became Defrozen so much for pride, maybe he was worried bout last year or somethin) point is even if the Raps & Pacers did good vs the cavs they woulda lost cause at the end of the day we know whos gonna be in the finals before the season even started & now Kawhi reinjured his ankle the least we can get is some decent games where the GSW n Cavs wont go 12-0 in the playoffs before the finals, im also a cavs fan, big cavs fan by the way but these sweeps not even cool, i had high hopes for Indi too cause the Pacers had a good lineup… on paper but even if they played like their former all star selves(Teague & Ellis) cavs still woulda won, get the point now, the NBA needs a rule, a player can go to any team unless he got eliminated by that team n that team went to the finals, cause until KD leaves the GSW or other stars start teamin up in the West, shit is no competition, least the cavs formed a team the cavs didnt get Blake Griffin or somebody who decided to take the easy route n "shift the power all to one team on the west" as they said, ijust wanna see teams really fight n not destroy every team, too many complaints bout the East is weak when people wont admit all thestars from the East(David west, nene halirio, Olidipo to the thunder, Evan turner from when he was a celtic) & west(aldridge, David west who went from the Spurs to flop over to the Gsw, Mo Speights went to LAC,) nobody goes to the East like that, n some people from the east flop over to west teams, how can the East get any better when players constantly flop to the west maker already great teams greater, like the Lou Will trade to the Rockets as if they needed any more firepower(which turnt out not enough anyway cause they Spurs fucked em up) see the points? so while we at it please dont complain the East is week when players from the east as well as west flop over to the already stacked teams of the west, thank you to whoever reads this, if you feel the same please let me know you agree wit a like or comment sayin you agree, if you dont agree, then you may keep scrolling but this is how I feel & all season plus especially playoffs hasnt changed the way i feel, it only proved my points so far smh.

  4. Zaza probably is the best defender in NBA, even better than Green. His defence is amazing, no block, no cut, just put your feet under the shooter, what a genious idea! Seriourly, every NBA player should learn this effective technology – 25 points per successful defence – or maybe the whole seris. And the best thing is IT"S SAFE! You can pretent to be VERY VERY innocent, so there won't be a technical foul, and it dosen't look so obvious as what Green usually did. Oh, I really love it! Dirty? NO NO NO, it's absolutely Kawhi's fault, he shouldn't jump so high and don't know how to dodge when falling to the floor. And he said Zaza is not on purpose? Come on, what an idiot! IT'S THE WAY HOW ZAZA PLAY DEFENCE! The GSW deserve the won by its GREAT defence. Hopefully we can see their better performance in Finals. LOL.

  5. Lol @ people saying that we can't beat the Spurs unless Kawhi is injured. We came back from a big defecit earlier this season with Kawhi on the floor & KD out . I like Kawhi as a player and a person, & I did not want to see him injured, but don't make up things

  6. Reading all these salty comments make me laugh. Injuries are part of the game. Get over it! The Warriors are just fortunate enough this year to be relatively healthy. This would be a much different Playoffs if Rondo for Chicago wasn't hurt, Chicago probably would've won that series, Blake Griffin for the Clippers was out, the Clips probably would have won that series, Kyle Lowry for Toronto was hurt, they might have won 1 game…maybe, Jabari Parker for Milwaukee out. Practically every year, some team has a main or role player injured. It's just bad luck. This year the Warriors don't have their head Coach and trust me when I say this, they miss him GREATLY! The Warriors offense looked horrible yesterday. They were outplayed, out prepared and out coached. Mike Brown is a defensive specialty coach. He's known as one of the worst NBA offensive minds in the game. The highest scoring Warriors who AVERAGE 60 points in the fist half, barely scored 40 points. If Kerr doesn't get healthy soon, The Warriors might not make it to the Finals.

  7. All the haters can cry us warriors fans a river😂😂 I don't care what y'all say as long as we winning. Don't @ me, I don't got time for y'all ignorant asses

  8. Even without kawhi getting injured, they called a bs offensive interference against danny green so they took away two of our points. Also they let kd get away with a major travel to score an extra two points for the warriors.

  9. which one of you spurs wants to catch these hands. blowing a 25 point lead. you niggas should be embarrassed to be a spurs fan. prepare to get swept the fuck out the playoffs.

  10. Lol how does ONE man make a difference whether a team wins or loses? It's call the San Antonio Spurs not the San Antonio Kawhi's ?
    Haters guna hate.

  11. i see a cavs vs spurs in the finals. this only proves that gsw can only win championships if they face tough teams but without their stars in it. i still remember 2015 finals without love and irving. that's why gsw became champions

  12. People saying that warriors are only getting lucky bc of injured players. This is a team that doesnt even have their starting coach since the first round. The Spurs beat the Rockets without 3 of their scorers. Yea sure if they lose this game, do you really think the warriors are gonna drop 4 games to the spurs? Absolutely not. Stop whining about the injury and shit. Look how easy the East is. Lebron James literally has no competition and I dont see your asses crying about the east.

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