Lonzo Ball – 36 Pts – Full Highlights | Lakers vs Sixers | July 12, 2017 | 2017 NBA Summer League

Lonzo Ball – 36 PTS, 8 REB, 11 AST

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Lonzo Ball – 36 Pts – Full Highlights | Lakers vs Sixers | July 12, 2017 | 2017 NBA Summer League

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  1. Lmao y'all going crazy after a summer league game 36 pts thought he was hurt vs the kings or was he just scared can y'all answer that because this not adding up he played the game before and after the kings 😂😂so before y'all start to get happy think about that and remember it's summer league

  2. This guy is not bad at all, he has a lot of potential, but let's all wait till the season starts cause this game is nothing. I hope he doesn't get any injuries before the season starts 😂

  3. lonzo is way off sometimes like REALLY off. And sometimes he looks great. I know half of these players are gonna be working 9-5 jobs after the summer league and not on nba level but lonzo is playing with alot of confidence so he needs to fix alot of things. If the realy starting 5s play i doubt hes gonna be getting those hail mary passes and i think hell get stuffed alot more..Lebron if he comes to lakers and lonzoz learns and can take the pressure. That would make lonzo a better player.
    Lonzo 1 thing thats REALLY good is he seems to make people around him better. Tahts for sure but lets see how he does in the real NBA games

  4. All Lonzo is good at is passing he is a terrible shooter you th no he's doing good wait till he plays with the big boys like leanord James curry he's about to look
    Like an idiot

  5. not impressed- this mixed mutt, over hyped, air ball tossing, brick laying, future bench warmer will be playing ball in China in 6 years….word

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