Lin-Manuel Miranda and Auli’l Cravahlo perform ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from MOANA

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  1. Eu acho q ela tava mt nervosa pq no final ela desafinou, mas ela canta muito, e eu nunca conseguiria cantar q nem ela ( e tem uma cena em q o pano bate na cara dela )

  2. I hate how so many people focus on how someone accidentally hit her with a flag. Here, we have a beautiful 16 year old girl singing her heart out on stage and all people can focus on is the fact that there was the tiniest flag mistake within this performance (Which, even then, Auli'i managed to keep her voice on point). Why can't we just focus on how beautiful this is and just leave out the flag part?

  3. She actually got hit in the head during the rehearsal also. She asked them not to hit her and they hit her anyway. She's a true professional and extremely talented to not skip a beat.

  4. such a pro in how she handle the error of a dancer. Did anyone one else notice while watching it live one of the dancers hit her in the head with the pole with blue ribbon and she didn't mess up singing. You can see it at 3:20 if you rewatch it.

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