Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

DAMN. available now

Dir: Nabil & the little homies
Producer: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Dave Free, Angel J Rosa
Production co: TDE Films, AJR Films
(C) 2017 Aftermath/Interscope (Top Dawg Entertainment)

Video credit to the YouTube channel owner


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Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

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  1. The beginning sorta reminds me of Nicki's scene from Monster. With the personalities arguing with each other. He's basically the male Nicki & Beyonce when it comes to theatrics & visuals. He's just not over the top with it. KDot album is sick asf & this is my favorite song from the project 🔥

  2. Weird theory. Don is God. He's interrogating Kendrick (Satan) asking him what he's done with Earth and humanity. Kendrick (Satan) breaks out of his chains and kills God and rules the streets (world).

  3. Oh. My. God. He got Don Cheadle in his video..this is too fire 🔥 🔥🔥 ICONIC honestly, truly🐐🐐🐐 the video and the way kendrick and don went back and forth gave me goosebumps…sheeesh

  4. when you from the 90's and you've been waiting for rappers to stop mumbling and bring some knowledge back to the hip hop scene!
    what I like most is the fact that he doesn't go all old school… he keeps it relevant to now!
    it's a real talent to be able to combine those two things and not kill the hiP hop energy
    this nigga must touch base all the time before he starts spitting!
    ya'll watch and learn
    I'm glad your here Ken!
    and for all you hoes out there saying we Dick riding… well at least it's hard… ya'll be riding on some soft shit!

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