I GOT A PUPPY!!! | Janina Vela

Sorry for the audio, it was raining outside! BUT!! I’m so happy to introduce you to the newest member of my family!


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I GOT A PUPPY!!! | Janina Vela

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  1. Advice lang Janina, mag ingat sa Parvovirus lalo na at puppy pa siya. Lahat ng puppies namin noon namatay dahil dun. 💔 Buti nalang productive yung aso namin kaya may mga bago ulit. 😂

  2. I really wish you adopted a dog from a shelter in need of a good home but I'm glad that your new puppy is in good hands. I just hope people know about the hundreds of thousands of dogs without homes and the hundreds that are euthanized every day. Regardless, love you and I hope the puppy is doing well 💕

  3. Hi Janina I'm also a dog lover, actually I have 3 dogs. Shtzhu, Pomeranian and Siberian husky. Well in your case, your dog is only 2 months old. You shouldnt touch or carry her as often as you like because she might get stressed out and might be the reason why she doesnt eat otherwise, if she continue having bad appetite and watery poop, maybe you should go to see a vet!

  4. Advise: since chicken joy still a baby feed him/her a dog milk instead of too much solid food. There tummy are not yet ready for solid food and don't forget to complete his/her vaccine. Her/his poop wasn't good thou the color is ok. 🙂 enjoy having ur fur baby and much love for chicken joy:)

  5. Why do I feel sad about this? This is supposed to be a happy video. Idk, I just imagined my baby that young being away from me for good, when supposedly, she should be right by my side. From what I see from the video, she seems lonely. I guess this is what parent instinct is. IDK. Haha. Grow well, Chickenjoy! ❤

  6. Hi Janina! As far as I know, puppies should not be separated from their mom that early 🙁 they sell them at like 3 months old hehe. And don't bring her everywhere pa since her vaccines are not complete since she's only 2 months old 🙁 hehe just a concerned dog lover. Luv u btw!

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