Hidden inside the Necklace

For our 1 year Anniversary, I made my girlfriend a necklace, the first one I’d ever made, which she loved and proceeded to wear every day and everywhere we went.
A year and a half later we traveled to Smoo cave in Scotland, a place we had talked about since we first met.
We wanted a nice photo in the cave so I setup my camera and tripod on a timer, and rushed in. I had asked a little earlier if I could borrow the necklace for a moment to take a nice photo of it near the cave. I took it from my pocket, kneeled, broke it open and revealed that something was hidden inside the entire time.
When she finally calmed down and it sunk in, “wait.. ITS BEEN IN THERE THE ENTIRE TIME!? I COULD HAVE LOST IT YOU F***** IDIOT!”…. Haha she was Happy-Angry.

And to top it all off, Smoo Cave gets its name from an old Norse word for “Hiding Place”…….

Video credit to the YouTube channel owner

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Hidden inside the Necklace

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  1. What a crazy week!! This started out as a little video we put together a month ago just to share our good news with friends and family, now it’s gone ballistic! It’s completely overwhelming and certainly not in any way what we intended or anticipated! Having said that, I think we’re both glad to have been able to put a good news story out there.

    We’ve been fielding (and dodging) questions flat out, but to answer a few of them;

    – I absolutely loved my necklace from the moment he gave it for me, I still have it, and I really miss wearing it. Terry knows it means the world to me to carry something with me that he’s made, so he has since made me a new one out of a piece of wood and a stone we collected on that trip – which I also never take off.

    – He made the necklace really, REALLY well. There was zero chance that I would ever have discovered the ring accidentally. Terry is an amazing woodworker and does not do things by halves, and I think it should be pretty obvious he put a lot of thought into it.

    – Yes, that really was my response – that was after standing there in shock until my brain caught up, yelling “YES” at the top of my lungs, and giving him a ton of kisses. You can imagine, I panicked retrospectively after it sank in that I’d been carrying something so priceless for so long, and I started thinking back on all the times something could have gone horribly wrong…I don’t actually think he’s an idiot…most of the time, anyway!

    – We haven’t set a date yet but we’re looking forward to a very low-key, backyard wedding at home with close friends and family, and our dogs will be the ring-bearers 🙂

    – It goes without saying that I am a ridiculously lucky woman with one hell of an engagement story. Terry is absolutely one of a kind, I love him more than I can find words for, and I can’t wait to call him my husband!

    – Lastly I am VERY happy I didn’t lose the necklace!

  2. But how did you get it in there? You went from piece of wood to carving the necklace. I didn't see any placement of the ring inside. I mean, cut it in half and glue it together sure, but i gotta see that part. Must. Know. Crafting. Trick.

  3. aww… when your future wife calls you fxxxing idiot and you know it's all good…. that's when you know love is for real lol
    seriously though, awesome idea!

  4. Genius! I just saw this story on the local news and came here for more. The female news anchor said, "Men like this still exist?!" You're a patient and brave guy. Hats off to you 🎩.

  5. What a wonderful proposal idea – so creative and romantic!! And is that a skeleton shell in the wooden necklace? Spooky – I'm wearing a silver skeleton shell pendant and earrings for the first time today, and am also watching this video for the first time! Congratulations to you both from the little Celtic island of the Isle of Man!

  6. It'll be a great idea if you can make this and sell it as proposal item.. Will be great surprise to everyone.. And maybe change the design or you can just open order so people can customize on their own.. I would love to get one.. 😄

  7. Congratulations and your girl reaction is funny hope she didn't yell at you to much lol when I saw she call u an idiot I was crying because It was sweet and funny omg this made my birthday coming up not feel so blah because you warm my heart and can you post more videos of both as a married couple

  8. This is one of the best stories I heard. Good job on this original proposal! Best wishes and blessings in your new life together.

  9. How did she go past airport metal detectors/xrays without alarms going off and raising suspicion after security see an embedded metal object hidden

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