Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game 2 Highlights – May 16, 2017

Stephen Curry had 29 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in three quarters and the Golden State Warriors trounced on the Spurs missing Kawhi Leonard, running away from San Antonio for a 136-100.

Date: May 16, 2017

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Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game 2 Highlights – May 16, 2017

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  1. There's absolutely no point in people in the comment section saying "oh kawhi's hurt kawhi's hurt, Zaza is a dirty player. That's all in the past whether your player gets injured he gets injured that's basketball there's no point in saying Golden state only won because Kawhi's hurt like do you honestly think if you go up on the court and say Golden state warriors only won because kawhi is hurt, anyone will give a single fuck? Move on if you keep turning back you will never move foward

  2. Players contribution in the event GSW win the Western Conference finals.

    Stephen Curry – 30%
    Kevin Durant – 50%
    Draymond Green – 25%
    Thompson – 10%
    Zaza Pachulia – 999,999,999,999,999.99 % (God-like contribution) Western Finals MVP

  3. To all of the people saying that the Spurs only lost game one because Leonard got injured, that's cute. The Spurs beat the Rockets in game 6 without him. He played for more than 2 quarters in game 1, helping his team get a 25 point lead. His dumb coach keeps him in the game after he steps on his team mate's foot and he gets injured. Then the 25 point lead is blown and the Spurs loose by 2, and the 36 the next game without him. They never had a chance.

  4. I already know the Warriors an the Cavs going to the finals again ..lm a Cavs fan an I like that we are going ..but dang am I only one that want to see someone else go to the finals except the Cavs an warriors !..

  5. I recall Bruce Bowen playing dirty all the time shit the 2008 playoffs he was trying to get Kobe hurt everytime Kobe took a jumpshot Bowen was running underneath him but it was cool then but now KL got a taste of that shit yall wanna be mad lmao the nigga wasnt 100 percent in the first place he could of fucked his shit up on any other play seeing how he was babing is ankle anyway and dont hate gs cause they got allstars if yall wanna be madvat someone for starting this trend then blame lebron for teaming up with wade and bosh thats how all this shit started

  6. First, was anyone else (laughably) stunned by the foul at approx 5:46? At first I thought they reffed that someone fouled Patty Mills, but there's just no way…I mean, even though NBA refs call some of the most bullshit non-fouls as fouls, Mills isn't quite at the star status that would earn him that. Second, would Kawhi's presence on the floor possibly stop Golden State's ridiculous 70-point first AND second half? Possibly hinder it a bit and I would bet the spurs would've scored more because, as impressed as I am by Simmons, like, I think he's going to be a star, if Aldridge isn't producing on offense with Kawhi out, the spurs are in trouble. I think either of these teams at full strength have the potential to beat the Cavs in the way way way weaker Eastern conference. I know it won't happen, but I would absolutely LOVE to see Boston (or the Yankees or a team of nanny goats) beat the Cavs.

  7. Now everybody wanna cry cause gs has a bunch of allstar players lol Lebron, Wade and Bosh sounds like a bunch of allstars and im pretty sure Irving and Kevin Love are allstars so fuck it yall just mad cause gs smashing on everybody and the cavs dont stand a chance

  8. The Warriors would have came back and won that game with or without Leonard. They did it during the season when Leonard was healthy and they just done it again. You clowns need to go back and check the ballistics.

  9. the only reason that the golden state warriors might go to the finals is because the intentially injured kawhi because with kawhi out there they couldnt do nothing thats why when kawhi was playing in the first game the spurs was up by 20… facts

  10. This superteam trend in the league is killin' all competition & makin' the playoffs some wussy s*t…… can we get to the finals like now

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