Dragon Ball Super Full Episode 81 English Sub

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Dragon Ball Super Full Episode 81 English Sub

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  2. I don't think, They're really going to destroy everyone. I believe it was just a plan made up by Goku to make the other fighters fight hard just as he done with Hit.

  3. I hope your proud of yourself, Goku. Thanks to you, countless people could potentially die because of the Tournament of Power. Granted, we know that Universe 7 manages to win (or somehow survive), so we know that at least they make it. Maybe Zeno won't end up destroying them after all (I hope so).

  4. hi……
    all this happen in the past before 20years ago!now we are in 2017ad ,1438ah
    my name is mohammad and my nik name hamada حماده(big hero 6)……thes hapen to me in the world of darkness,magenations,suol,devil,evil,ghuost,shittan,magic,dream…….i am vegeta in this worlds and ghoko,naruto,itchego corosaki bleach,meroym sama,zotso,madra,saitama,ghon,hesoka,netro,gomaro sanshero,jonger,الخطايا السبع,alauodin,sendebad,….and more …..but remember all this in another happen to me in a world of magenations laik dream, hesteria,magic. …….

  5. One last thing.. People are going around saying Goku is the bad guy behind all of this.. You idiots lmao. All Goku wanted to do was fight some people on his level, he never made the choice to have all the losing universes be destroyed. He was warned not to get involved with Zeno, that's it. If anything, Zeno is to blame since they're the ones that decided that be what happened if they lost, making Goku the fall guy for their plans, as they had been planning to get rid of most of the weaker universes already.. Goku is just the patsy.

  6. So Goku actually went above and beyond his intended purpose from birth being destroy the Earth to putting EVERY UNIVERSE AT STAKE! LMAO, that's fuckin awesome!

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