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  1. How to get likes in the comment section of Youtube
    Based on real experiences

    1.- The clasic : this consists in saying something random and asking for likes
    Ex : Cats are adorable. Like if you agree

    2.- Spammer this one is about saying sth like this
    Ex: if this comment gets to 3 likes, i'll call the cops and sing like Madonna

    3.- The Animal Saver/The people helper this is one example of this :
    Ex : This is Lamby🐑 Lamby has no friends, 1 like =2 friends for lamby

    4.- The Unreal One
    It doesn't need an explanation just look :
    Ex : Like = Kiss your crush Sub = Meet your favorite celebrity Ignore = Bad Luck for 3 weeks

    5.- The Weird One check this out
    Ex : My cat farted, can i get a like for that

    6.- The Birthday Girl/Boy
    Ex : its my birthday can i get 7 likes?

    7.- The honest/sad one
    The Sad one example : My pet rock died, can i get 10 likes?
    The Honest One example :Anyone died, i am not bullied can i get a like for being honest?

    8.- The Squads
    Ex : Where is my early squad at?!

    9.- #SaveYoutubeCommentsJoyce This is not that popular
    Ex : My brother is outside with a knife, pls don't like this comment or he will find me and kill me

    10.- The Read More Prank
    One of the cringiest
    Hey you wanna now a secret??? Read More

    11.- The Nice One
    You know who is beautiful?
    Read the first word

    12.- The idk why does this gets likes
    Ex : I know anyone will see this But for the 1℅ that sees this have a good day/afternoon/night

    Tell me if i forgot one!!

    Thx for reading 'til here. Bye!

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