Cleveland Cavs vs Indiana Pacers – Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | April 17, 2017 | NBA Playoffs

East 1st Round – Game 2.
Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Game Highlights, Apr 17, 04/17, April 17, April 17th, #DefeatTheLand #NBAPlayoffs #PacersPlayoffs, Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavs

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Cleveland Cavs vs Indiana Pacers – Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | April 17, 2017 | NBA Playoffs

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  1. Warriors will dominate all rivals with a style never before seen. I hope the Cavs are ready to bring it because there really is no team as stacked with superstars as GSW.

  2. who ever thinks the cavs are gonna win the finals there not because lebron is the biggest crybaby ever to play in the NBA. when they start losing (which they will) hell just start fouling.

  3. So why is the commentator so biased for the Caveliers. Every shot they make he's like "OH MY GOD AMAZING" but then doesn't even say anything when the Pacers make a shot. I'm not a fan of either team, just think it's kind of weird.

  4. Paul George is doing everything bro. I feel bad for the man. He fights night in and night out on both sides of the court to no avail sometimes.

    Sidenote: Cavs announcers are bandwagon fans lol.

  5. For the life of me I don't understand why they play Kyrie, D-Wll, and Korver all together…with KLove and wonder why they have so many defensive problems. Hell they should've just got D'Antoni to coach if those the lineups you wanna' run. Derrick Williams and Shumpert gotta' get some minutes in some of these games man. Put some dogs out there.

  6. story here is the same storyline the cavs have had for the last four seasons if you stop kyrie Irving you k I LL the cavs¡!!!!!!! let labron get 40 10 10 you don't need to stop him infact I want him to have the ball in his hands night after night he will got worn out his legs will be dead at the end of game and he would get beat up towards the end of the series. don't know why coaching staffs don't do this? not to mention this would kill the chemistry of the cavs . all the great NBA teams have had great defensive stoppers that would kill guards Lakers copper of the 80 bulls had Jordan Celtics had DJ positions had Joe . someone in an NBA front office needs to hire Gary the glove to teach there kids how to play.

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