Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | Apr 20, 2017 | NBA Playoffs

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | Apr 20, 2017 | NBA Playoffs

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  1. SMFH wow Pacers SMFH, i remember that Clippers vs Grizzlies game i saw the whole game i knew that was the game they was talkin bout when they said it matches the biggest come back in playoff history, this shit crazy Pacers, Ellis & Teague shoulda been traded, ya niggas needa do a Ellis & Teague for Devin & Bledsoe trade, the trade works out in terms of money i even tried it on espn trade machine, ya nigga need help, shit be PG out there by him self at times wit Lance sometimes & Turner

  2. “I just try to put myself in position to help my teammates win, no matter who is on the floor with me,” James said. ”I try to empower them, I try to make them better, I try to make them believe that we can be great every night, no matter who is on the floor. And for myself, I just don’t settle for being not as great as I can be. It’s not going to result in this every night, but my mind is in the moment, and sometimes certain things like this happen. So, I can’t even really appreciate it. I’ll let you guys write your words about it and we can kind of go from there.

    “But the only thing that matters is a win. And that’s what I’m here for.”

  3. cavs have players who were star main players in other teams on their bench. If lebron cant even win the series with all the fucking help he's getting from the league itself, it will be pretty embarrassing to watch. Anyone else wondering how cavs can afford all lebron, irving, love, smith, thompson, d williams, korver, etc, etc, etc? Fucking rigged nba.

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