Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics – Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | May 17, 2017 | #NBAPlayoffs

East Finals – Game 1
Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavs – Full Game Highlights, May 17, 05/17, May 17th, #NBAPlayoffs #DefeatTheLand #ItsNotLuck

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics – Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | May 17, 2017 | #NBAPlayoffs

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  1. Pleople sayin east is weak and west will crush east teams. Then why LeGoat wins championship and crushes the hopes and dreams of teams in the west? Lol. So many haters that got their heart broken that LeBron crushes west teams like a pudding.

  2. Like if you want to see a 12-0 Cavs Vs. 12-0 Warriors in the Finals.

    Dislike you you're one of the guys who thinks that that:

    1. Bill Russel is "Greater" than Lebron James

    2. Micheal Jordan is a God. Like, "Literally" a God and not a human being.

    3. The Eastern Conference this season is weak and had the Cavs faced the Blazers, the Jazz, the Thunder, the Rockets, the Grizzlies, the Clippers (hahaha. just typing that made me laugh), the Spurs in a playoff game, the Cavs will lose and probably be swept by said teams.

    4. The NBA sucks because it's TOO PREDICTABLE and what is transpiring before our eyes (the sweeping being done by the Cavs and Warriors) is NOT entertaining not all.

    5. If you think that Lavar is Dumb and stupid and Kristin Leahey is a SAINT and to quote Whitlock "Is bad for Business".

  3. west>east thats why and chokers make sense because u dont 3-1 comeback silver and the cavs came back on klay wow they beat klay the 73-9 team was not that same team in playoffs want to know why they were 12-7 enter the fianls how does a 73-9 injury to iggy silver suspend green curry injury and when he did still play but foul trouble allday and andrew injury so big deal silver and the cavs came back from 3-1 on klay u act like gs was not getting beat by the tougher west teams beat up on they were 12-7 in the playoffs enter the finals and finish 15-11

  4. And let's not forget this man got swept IN THE FINALS WITH TWO ALL-STARS AT HIS SIDE!!! That never happened to Jordan, neither has Jordan ever been in an elimination game IN THE FINALS!!! But y'all wanna talk about greatness smh… Let Jordan had this level of talent on his team, yea they 3peated twice but only cause of MICHAEL JORDAN!!!

  5. before he won last year he was 2 out of 6. I'm not a fan of his, but more than that, if he asked you to you'd give him a butthole kiss 😘. Your like OSN when he went to the game and God himself didn't play (which don't get me wrong, I'd be really upset too. pay all that money to see your fav player and he doesn't even play) but dude cried, and said he would, or thought about getting a tattoo of LeBron, that's how much of a fan he is. With you guys it's either you'd lick his butthole and get a tattoo of him or you hate him and are a warriors fan. there's no in between. no grey area. I like to watch both teams, along with 28 other teams that aren't apparently in the NBA, bc you know there's only 2, right? #😙 buttholekiss 😚
    I'm jk guys who would suck his D. relax

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