Brave Filipina defends President Duterte at the Human Rights Int’l Forum in Geneva, Switzerland

Video credit to the YouTube channel owner

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Brave Filipina defends President Duterte at the Human Rights Int’l Forum in Geneva, Switzerland

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  1. Now I understand, You human Rights Int'l are only for the rights of the criminal, and not the humanity itself… look what is happening in the Middle East? There a lot of killings… What have you done so far?

  2. So miss calamard what you want to do of the creminals and drug addicts who do crimes? prying for them begging for them love them embrace who rape little girl at the young age and murder?screw you, you don't know what we feel right now coz your not one of us we better know than you are what flooding problems in our country we,

  3. Ito kasing HAYOP NA TARANTADONG ROBREDONG AMBISYOSA na ito ang may kagagawan at ang kanyang mga Dilaw na Kulto ang nagbabayad sa mga bayarang media para ibalita ang KASINUNGALINGAN sa UN.

  4. Wow! Thank you very much for that wonderful presentation in defense of our country. I salute you! I hope those stupid people who are easily deceived will be enlightened of what's really happening now in the Philippines.

  5. Again, extra judicial killings are committed by the scalawag cops headed by Gen. Tinio, Gen. Pagdilao, General Loot, Gen. Diaz, Gen. Garbo, Gen. Purisima, fomer marine Alejano and protected by former President Benigno Aquino III, former Sec. of Justice Leila de Lima, former Sec. of Interior & Local Gov. Mar Roxas, Senator Trillanes, Sen Bam Aquino, Sen. Drillon & Hontivero are just doing cleanup of their wide drug trade operations in the Philippines.

  6. As a Filipino who love my country and to all my Filipino brothers and sisters, I really appreciate and proud of our best President ever, "President Rodrigo Roa Duterte."

  7. The respect and fear of the law in the Philippines have been restored. Drug lords and their supporters are on the run. Majority of the Filipino people are beginning to feel safe. There's a renewed trust in the President Duterte's government.

  8. Based on data from our Philippine National Police, overall crime volume in our country dropped right after the first month of President Duterte administration.

  9. We Filipinos support the anti-drug war, but it's the criminals like the Aquino administrations don't. Leila de Lima, Mar Roxas, Drillon, Trillanes, Hontiveros, criminals and drug lords, pushers are spending billions of money just to impeach our President Duterte. The Aquino and his parties are trying their very bet to destroy him that they could continue their multi-billion business.

  10. Good for you our Filipino sisters for explaining the correct news in our country that President Duterte is NOT the one doing the extra judicial killings, but it's his political enemies to destroy him, to impeach him.

  11. I admire her/his courage (no pun intended). However he/she was not able to express in words that the real problem is that the media is portraying that the president is JUST KILLING DRUG SUSPECTS. What he/she should have discussed is that the president is not killing them without following the law.

    Law states even in other countries that any eminent threat to a police officers or any law enforcers should be either subdued or taken down.

    You can't stop a rampaging gunman with prayers, or any proposals you have there you self righteous human rights folks.

  12. REPOST: To those of you who are relentlessly attacking, condemning, mocking, and portraying our President Rodrigo Duterte as a heartless mass murderer—


    The war he waged is not against humanity. It is a war against illegal drugs and criminality to consequently protect humanity. Understand the difference.


    LISTEN to the millions of Filipinos who have witnessed and have gone tired of all the injustice, incompetence, extreme inequality, and increased crimes due to poverty & narco-politics most prevalent during the previous administration.

    FIND OUT why millions of Filipinos worldwide are out to defend this leader which has been the subject of your unjust & ill-informed news and opinions.

    SEE the smile on our faces.

    FEEL the hope in our hearts.

    That, at last, we’ve found a genuine leader who truly cares for the people—a leader unbound, unafraid, and uncompromised.

    That, at last, we have a leader who’s truly determined to protect the good and the law abiding citizens—a leader who’s bold enough to fight the organized crime syndicates and crush narcopolitics.

    For the first time in the history of our country, we have a true patriot for a President—one who is willing to kill or be killed for the good of our country, for the benefit of our children and our children’s children.


    DO NOT KILL OUR HOPES. Do not take away this hope. Not this time. Not from the millions of Filipinos who were abused and taken for granted for so long and who have found their voice in this new leader.

    Do not kill our chance to rebuild our nation and provide a safer and brighter future for the next generation.
    "I stand to Protect & Support President Rodrigo Roa Duterte" #UnitedDDS

  13. You Human right Int, idiots try to live in the Philippines pls .. and reaseach what happend noooooooooooooo shut up ,,is not like that ,, fuck you Human Righr Int ,, look the refugees Brazil Africa .Syria , Saudi ,, idiots ,, PresidentD30 , is a good President ,,.

  14. they just see the number 7000 criminals killed but they don't realized how many are those been victimized by those criminals. maybe 1 criminals = 10 victims or more. They must deal ISIS crisis or syria before meddling with philippines issues. If they are really concern with humanity.

  15. These Idiots don't know what they are talking about. The drug problem here in the philippines is massive and they only talk without doing their research they are basing what the mainstream media said.

  16. Those cases of the so-called "extra-judicial killings" were not and never have been even proven. Logically, those claims are not rational because nobody has the evidence to back the claims, and they are mere speculations. Should have asked them to show a tangible proof to back their them,

  17. I salute you madam …for defending our country against false news against the philippines…Mabuhay ka….We need people like you…Salamat po…

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