Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 – Episode 9 (Part 2)

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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 – Episode 9 (Part 2)

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  1. They keep telling Maureen should'nt be there. If I was a Judge I would feel disrespected, as these models are indirectly saying my choices and decisions about the contest are wrong and unfair. They are so afraid and insecure of Maureen's potential. If I was a photographer I'd hate to work with these models that have so much negative attitude.

  2. AS if shikin and Tu has that 'legit Model skills'. put your feet on the ground Girls!

    in my view even if Maureen is 18 she is on the same Level in modeling Like shikin and tu. maybe even a Bit better. 😉
    we believe in you Maureen!

  3. I'm just excited as hell to see this bitches sucking their own words of insecurities, because gets what???
    Maureen got all it takes to be the Asia's next top model, She's gonna win this, Period.
    and by the way how I wish I could slap Tu's literally plastic,absurd and pornstar like face.

  4. daniel boey was so supportive and nice during the shoot, gee wheeze ;W; and glenn tan was being SO MUCH NICER THAN USUAL WHAT'S HAPPENING OMFG

  5. tu is like an escort and shikin is like a maid trying hard to become famous while carra is a super spoiledbrat kid..😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I love the last part 😂 yung pagsabi ni Yu tsai na there's nothing wrong being the person with beautiful face chu chu😂😂 natawa lang ako sa expressions nina tu at clara

  7. if they come to think of it, it is an insult to their part that the person they considered as no "legit" model has become their strong competitor, like hey maureen has improved a lot. she is on her way to outdo you but you're doing nothing and you are not improving; your skills are the same..

  8. Tu and Shikin are great models, they can totally learn skills very well but I think, with their attitude towards winning, they kind of feel happy when they put someone down (which is not a good attitude really). Despite of all the best photos that Maureen got, what they still have in their minds are like, "you just have a pretty face, you have no skills", which is very childish of them and they don't act like their age (imagine Maureen can even act more mature that the two). That's actually what a bully wants their victim to feel, that the victim doesn't have a chance to improve, but, the thing here is that Maureen have already improved a lot and it doesn't matter what these two girls and Clara think about her, what matters is she learned a lot during the process and knew that it's not easy to achieve something because there will always be people who are not going to feel great about you. So, yeah, NO WHAT IFs, conquer the world with your confidence and wittiness, MAUREEN! Love you from your beloved country, Philippines! ♥

  9. Ganon na ba sila ka insecure kay maureen at pinagkakaisahan na nila? my gosh masyadong mataas ang tingin nila sa sarili nila well except kay cindy btw go cindy and maureen!!

  10. dangggg isnt that subaru guy the one who scolded a contestant for rolling her eyes?? when i noticed this episode was about subaru thingy i kinda expected him to show up and then i saw his face😂 i was like, oh girls u better behave yaselves. lol

  11. Attitude can bring u down indeed. No matter how good u are if u cant control /know how to treat other people out then their's no point to it. I know Tu and Shikin are good and cindy, maureen and clare are improving but i think for the long run. Tu , cindy and maureen will get more job .and i cant really understand how having a pretty face is a big deal about it?? Like srsly its not her fault that she's beautiful. Maybe God gave them those faces because they deserved it with thos kind of attitude. Haha just joking.

  12. If the man driving was not in the car, the heat between the three girls would have been hotter. More tension. I can really see that Maureen is controlling her temper.

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