Asia’s Next Top Model – Cycle 5 Episode 6 (Part 2)

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Asia’s Next Top Model – Cycle 5 Episode 6 (Part 2)

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  1. Is this expect the unexpected? Nameetha's elimination? I thought there was going to be a comeback.

  2. I knew it. From beginning, I knew the twins are not really that "nice". Im not talking about drama between them and Nemeetha/ Clara, I talk about the way they kick Clara out the "Good girls" room.
    OMG, is that ur own room? there are still 3 other girls in that room. Did you two ask them before you kicked Clara out of the room? you guys cant stand with clara doesnt mean you can have right to kick her out.
    (of course I dont like clara – so annoying, but i dont like the way the twins did to her)

  3. Rooting for Maureen, Cindy and Tu 😊 I do think that the other girls really have the potential but i just like these 3. They can make the atmosphere of the show lighter when the dramas are getting really really serious already. Cindy never failed to make me smile with her bubbly attitude 👍😁


  4. I agree with the unfairness of Nametha using wifi, but as for me, the way she talks should not be a big deal here, because that's her personality and as a person being unique from one another and coming from different culture, lets just respect that and let her be. The same with the other girls, its just that some lacks the patience to understand one another. They're easily carried away by their emotions. But the point of the twins about Nametha's punishment is just right. Objectively. Everything's just a matter of understanding and having self control. And that's not being fake. It's being responsible enough to know when where and how you will act or say certain words.

  5. maureen has a very good attitude. when somebody is trying to bully her, she just doesn't mind and just continue working. she just doesn't care what other people think of her as long as she gets the job done. I lobe maureen, very decent, demure, very beautiful. and she's getting really good at modelling because she listens she don't talk nonsense she just act and just do whatever needs to be done and nail whatever they want . she is willing to learn , she's young but she has very mature thinking.

  6. Veronica found out that Nametha used wifi. Maybe she wouldn't tell that in front of cameras if Clara didn't motivate her :))))))) And then Clara told Nametha to prepare cus the twins will talk about her mistake. Wth Clara?!!! And u said u just want to make friend with all the girls with your puppy-looking face? Really???

  7. haha Clara must be really pissed now..she want to stab back on the bad girls, but now she stuck with them..haha Im with Alicia, Shikin or Maureen should win…not other bitches…

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