5 Reasons Why Maureen Wroblewitz Gets Bullied in AsNTM5

PH bet Maureen Wroblewitz, who is currently part of Top 5 of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle had encounter words of attacks from her fellow models in the competition. Sad to say, even her co-Filipina representative Jennica Sanchez also attacked her in several occasions, bringing down the beautiful model.

In addition, Maureen was hated in some ways by Dorothy and Nametha. On the latest episode, Clara, Minh Tu and Shikin joined force to throw some negative feedbacks against Maureen addressing her weakness and undeserving of being in the Top 5.

But Maureen remains intact and make it as a tool to perform better in every challenge and photo shoot. Looks like it’s worth it.

Do you think Maureen deserves the Top 5 Slot or to be Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Winner?

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5 Reasons Why Maureen Wroblewitz Gets Bullied in AsNTM5

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  1. Slay Maureen..Slay… I just don't get why those other girls think that Maureen doesn't deserves to be in the competition anymore for she's weak. But it seems like they are just being threatened of what Maureen could bring in every challenge and photo shoot. I just can't accept how Tu', Shikin and this bitch Clara underestimate her ability as a model. So disrespectful in her part but I'm so happy that Maureen convert those criticisms into motivation to do better. Clara should not spit upward, for the spit would probably turn back to her face. 😀

  2. maureen has a cute and charming face she's so beautiful and s3xy syempre marami tlgang maiinsecure sa kanya sa sobrang ganda nya ba namn pro d sya ganoon ka-talented but she's kid other's bullied hher bec. they want maureen to get out or kick-out from the asia's next top model
    ps: we need to support her bec. I think she deserves to be…..and she 0wns the filipina beauty ….she brings our country in this industry

  3. excuse me bitches who last on industrys now adays the pretty faces ahhhhhhh how unlucky you all are cause you only have those faces …. not your level, she not deserving ,no the fact that she has 2 best picture means shes improving she is new in the industry by hearing that that means she can beat you all by a snap…the undeserving is the persons who have been modeling for years or already has the experience but look they are still struggling 😛😝

  4. maureen is such a sweetheart! she's new but she can pull out the best in her.. it doesnt matter if u have the guts on modelling but what matters most is your attitude! maybe God wants maureen to be on top because she has such a good Heart! .. keep it up Maureen! stay cool no matter what they tell against tou! karma is just around! 😘😍😘😍

  5. I wish you could be less biased and point out the real reasons for the resentment. Perhaps it is because of my job that limit me from keeping up with runways outside the popular fashion centers, but so far I have not seen any runway models who is as short as Maureen. Well, maybe Kate Moss, but that was too long ago. At 5.7, in reality, it would be hard for her to book runway gigs, unless the designers specifically want her. This is where the 'Maureen doesn't have what it takes to be a model' sentiment comes from. Will she win? Probably not. It'd be nice if she does, but Storm Model Management has the final saying in the matter, so you guys do the math.

    And btw, if this is what you guys consider 'bullying', then yo'd better pray that Maureen loses. What was shown on this shown is pretty tamed compared to actual model bullying.

  6. it must've been so hard for her staying on this showing where basically everyone hates her and is insecure about her. But I really salute her for being the more considerating one because she knows what is right. I'm definitely rooting for her. She needs to prove those bullies wrong.

  7. TU, your still competing what level are you talking about? haven't been there and you are acting Like you are someone who've been there…….your still a competitor for christ sake……………….DA FUQ

  8. Well i hope Mau is a bitch type of girl too, so she could defend herself in a bitchy way as like as the treatment she has been getting from those bully models… The nerve from Tu saying Mau is not her level, first of all Mau is young and just started in modeling industry, she has a lot to offer over time. Insecurity is all over the place in this competition. I won't wonder why you Tsai always behind Maureen's back and tryin to boost her confidence, coz he has seen a lot of potential on her.

  9. She should probably just reply all her haters like "why are u telling me all these, go tell the judges. They are the ones who brought me into top6 and I don't get to decide anything. There's no point telling me, I won't make any changes for yall"

  10. Maureen is a turning head biz. Insecure fellas attack because they knows that even they put ton of make up on their ugly faces they are still ugly and they can't beat Maureen. Yes, maybe Maureen has less experienced but she is willing to learn and determine , that would matters most. Last but not the least she is beautiful inside and out.

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