10 Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Want You To Know

10 Things airlines don’t want you to know.

Many of us are afraid of a plane crash, even if the odds of this happening are one in 11 million. But when you’ll know all about these airlines secrets, you won’t want to stay on board either. From things that could save your life to ways to save money, here are 10 things airlines don’t want you to know. You won’t believe how many pilots fall asleep when they are flying!

If you ever had a seat next to the window, you probably noticed that there was a little hole in the middle pane. Does this mean that the plane is about to crash? You don’t have to worry. This tiny hole is here for your safety. It is used to reduce the pressure, so only the other pane takes the force of the cabin pressure. Now, this is an interesting to say to the person sitting next to you during the trip.

Everyone noticed that the air hostesses are really beautiful, and there is a reason for that. They don’t have the right to gain too much weight, and there are also strict grooming standards for their heels, their skirts, their lipstick, and even their nails. But these ladies are also very smart. If the plane ever crashes, they will be the one you need to survive on a deserted island.

If you want to know more about the reason why we have to turn off electronic devices, the things the safety demo doesn’t tell you, the way your pet is treated on board, the food you eat, the real dangers you will have to face, and much more, make sure you watch this video. Like this video if something surprised you and don’t forget to subscribe for more stories like this.

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10 Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Want You To Know

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  1. You can use you phone during the flight, but you can not during Landing and Take-Off. To Disobey these rules unnecessarily puts your own, along with a hundred other lives at risk. Do you think they tell you this for nothing? Whats your thought process when a flight attendants asks you to turn off your phone? Is it no, and WHY is it no? Whatever it may be, you most likely sound like an entitled asshole.

  2. The Things Talker: Did you know that captains actually fall asleep while steering a passanger plane?

    Me: nope

    The Things Talker: Now you should be afraid of that

    Me: well thanks for getting not to have the fear of getting a plane crash with a sleeping captain -_-

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