Whale watching Laguna San Ignacio

Short video of our whale watching tour from Camp Kuyima at Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California, Mexico.
These gray whales are in this large lagoon to breed and give birth to their babies during the winter months. Once they are big enough, they will go on the long journey up to Alaska for the summer months.
We went out in a small skiff to a designated, very specific area at the mouth of the lagoon. There we waited until the whales came up to the boat and started to play. There where mothers with babies, as well as, large males coming up to the boat. They where not at all bothered by our presence and seem to enjoy the interaction with us, as is very apparent in the video. It seemed as if they where putting on a show for us, by rolling, splashing and blowing water around the boat. And then come up right beside the boat for a nose rub…

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Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Video credit to the YouTube channel owner


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Whale watching Laguna San Ignacio

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