CORON, PARADISE OF PHILIPPINES for budget backpacker (Day 4-5) | BackpackerTampan

How to get to Coron from Manila?
– Flights : around 40-60 USD (1 hour)

– Tourist 2GO ferry : around 30 USD (15 hours)

– Local cargo ferry: 20 USD (18-21 hours)

I took the cheapest one of course. It was Atienza Shipping Line. There are 2 classes: indoor bed or outdoor, I took outdoor. It’s cheaper, what else?

To travel around Coron:
– Motorbike rental: You can go explore beaches. Cost aound 5-7 USD per half or full day.

– Island tour by travel agent: Every hostel, guesthouse, hotel, will provide you a tour deals, don’t worry, they are all have the same price I’ve checked it. Many various tour start from tour A, B, C, Ultimate Tour, Safari, El Nido, etc.

Normally in tour A, B, C, they write in the brochure that we’ll go to 6 spots. But actually only 4, depends on the weather and time, and sailor’s mood. I took tour A that cost 750 pesos, around 25 USD. That’s, again, the cheapest one.

– Fisherman’s boat tour: If you’re smart and lucky enough, you can go to some village and start to bargain if they can take you for and island hoping. Of course it’ll be cheaper than the travel agent’s price. Some of my friends did that.

Food? A bit hard for us to find really really cheap food we used to eat. Normally around 2-3 USD per meal in Coron.

Where to stay? I recommend to stay at Coron Backpacker Guesthouse, cost you 550 pesos/ night, and that’s for 2 people.

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CORON, PARADISE OF PHILIPPINES for budget backpacker (Day 4-5) | BackpackerTampan

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