16 Unbelievably Beautiful Abandoned Places

Have you ever explored an abandoned place? We have gathered a list of 16 unbelievable abandoned places you will be sure to visit!

16 Most beautiful Abandoned Places

10 – Not something from a Sci Fi movie…
This was actually the HQ for the Communist Party in Bulgaria. It looks like a giant flying saucer, and was created by the communist regime as a meeting place. It was active from 1981 to 1991, and then fell into disrepair when the fall of the Soviet Union took place. Apparently they are looking into restoring it.

9 – Old places have soul…
And this exquisite abandoned railway station oozes soul. Its location is the former Russian territory known as Abkhazia. It was deserted in the 90’s, more than likely due to blockades imposed by Russia. This type of architecture is known as Stalinist Gothic or Socialist Classicism.

8 – Only memories left behind…
This is the Gouqi Island, which forms part of a group of nearly 400 islands called the Shengsi Islands in China. At one stage it was a super busy fishing village, but with the developments of secondary and tertiary industries, many of these little fishing villages didn’t last too much longer, and people left seeking work elsewhere.

7 – Hauntingly Beautiful…
Sadly, the stories of what went on inside the Beelitz -Heilstaten hospital are not as hauntingly beautiful as some of the architecture seen in this building. This hospital once had Hitler recovering there for a bit. It saw thousands of TB patients heading through the doors, had murders take place inside, accidental deaths and I’m sure many other atrocities.
The Sanatorium is in Brandenburg in Germany, and sees many people breaking in just to capture some of the beauty that the actual building hosts.

6 – A romantic tale…
There doesn’t seem to be an exact story as to how the Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium came into being, but it’s a breathtaking sight. The cars are surrounded by plants and branches and vines are growing through the vehicles. Reporters say the cars were left in haste, but the romanticized story attached to them is that the cars belonged to US Soldiers, who left them behind when the war finished and they returned home.

5 – Going back in time…
This makes me feel like I am right there at this blade mill in France. Not much is given about this exact blade mill, but the sharpening of blades, scythes, sickles, knives and swords took place there. Apparently many grinders died very young due to grinders disease, which is a lung disease more than likely from inhaling the dust when the grinding took place.

4 – No trespassing allowed…
It’s all because of one brave girl that we have access to these beautiful images of an abandoned rocket factory in Russia. We only know her as Lana, and she broke into the factory, situated just outside Moscow. As you can imagine, Russian authorities weren’t happy at all, and even posted threatening letters on her website. So a big thank you Lana, for showing us what it looks like on the inside!

3 – A personal journey…
This 27-meter-deep well is found in Sintra and is known as the Initiation Well. It’s meant to be lead one on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth. You’re either going into the darkness or coming out into the light. Also could be deemed as death and birth.
It was owned by a well-known freemason, who used the wells (there are 2 of them) for ceremonial purposes. They were never used to draw water, and every part of the wells is symbolic in some way.

2 – Ghost Town…
Or rather Ghost Subway… this is stunning, the City Hall Subway Station in New York, and was supposed to the showpiece when it came to subway stations. However, a mere 41 years after opening – it was actually closed down. For some reason, traffic at that station saw a rapid decline, and then with the onset of the Great Depression and then WW2, the station wasn’t used at all… so it was shut down. It received landmark status in 1979, and there plans in the pipeline a few years ago to bring it back to life.

1 – History created…
This breathtaking Crystal Mill is from 1892, and is actually a decompressor station. Constructed in 1893, it was used as a power plant. This Mill is said to be one of the most photographed sites in Colorado in the US, and has a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

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16 Unbelievably Beautiful Abandoned Places

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  1. Author!!
    9th place in the list (Abkhazia) is not a part of Russia!
    it is occupied by russia after 1993!
    but it is officially territory of Georgia!
    please fix this problem! I will complain

  2. New York City's City Hall Station is unused because of the curved platform. modern subways cars are longer and
    won't fit properly.  The doors wouldn't open on the platform,…

  3. I've been to Angkor Wat. The images in the video was from another temple in Cambodia (the one where Lara Croft Tomb Raider was filmed), but not Angkor Wat

  4. Ibrahim boiem- that is not nice to say to "believe it or not". I disagree with you because I would comment nice things. Please don't comment if you have something bad or rude to say. Just comment if you have something nice to say. Thank you ibrahim boiem!

  5. in number 3 is not abanonated and theres more where it is like a garden or a secret lake!! and its also a little church that was a illuminatti xD this all place is in sintra in portugal and its called : Quinta da regaleira

  6. What a piece of shit video!! 1st you just have put your fucking placard of each place, blocking the shitty view, then you just keep repeating the same pictures, to try to make the video longer! What a fucking waste of video!

  7. This was wonderful until the messed up Russia bashing.. The US is in the middle of installing puppets in the middle east based on lies..Russia is in the way of our genocide in Syria, and planned genocide in Iran.. Learn about General Wesley Clark.

  8. These generations are so brainwashed and indoctrinated by Zionist lies and propaganda concerning the Greatest Statesman of the 20th century..Adolf Hitler…Please watch the video "The greatest story never told"…About Adolf Hitler and learn that he was the complete opposite of what the Zionist psychopaths painted him to be…Just like they lie about everything else…

  9. 13. "Vallone dei Mulini", Sorrento: never "discovered", because it was never lost, it's in the very middle of the town (search "Vallone dei Mulini, Sorrento" on Google Earth)
    National Geographic "discovered" nothing about it, they merely collected and published well known and well documented facts. "Believe That", eh?

  10. LOL the Well in Sintra is not abandoned… is part of a portuguese national monument called Quinta da Regaleira. I went there all the time when i was a kid. it also has at the end a beautiful pond/lake that you can cross by stepping on stones


  12. I must inform that number 3 is not abandoned and never was abandoned. It is perfectly preserved and belongs to the total area of a rich property full of meaningful gardens and a Palace. They were built by a rich man connected to a special cult/part of society. This well is and was never really a well. As mentioned in the film the place is connected with rituals. Going down means you go to hell and doing up means you go to heaven … putting things in a simple way, of course! By the way … Sintra is a mystical village in Portugal.

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