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Kimukatsu Pork Cutlet Century City Mall Makati Philippines. One of the best tonkatsu restaurants in Manila! Kimukatsu is the most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan with many locations throughout Japan like Tokyo, Osaka, and Sendai. Today we are visiting their newest branch in Manila at the Century City Mall in Makati. What makes them unique is they offer their signature Kimukatsu which is 25 layers of thinly sliced pork, breaded with fresh Japanese bread crumbs and fried slowly at low temperature for 8 minutes. Then it is set vertically for two minutes to steam allowing the heat to spread evenly inside which is all part of the original recipe and process. The texture is exquisite with the layering and a must try if you have never tried it before. As with most Tonkatsu restaurants, rice, cabbage, and miso is refillable with each set. You can choose from red miso or regular miso soup, the koshihikari rice was hot and perfectly cooked and served in a kamameshi pot! Highly recommended are the Yuzu Kosho Kimukatsu with yuzu fruits and green chili pepper, Kurobuta Tonkotsu and the Assorted Seafood Set with Shrimp, Oysters and Scallop.

Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave, Makati
Metro Manila Philippines
Tel: (+632) 812 0333
Operational Hours: Daily 10AM – 10PM

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Kimukatsu Pork Cutlet Century City Mall Makati Metro Manila Philippines by

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