Dining in a bank VAULT: unusual Bedford restaurant in Chicago

When it comes to unique dining experiences and restaurants or cafes with extraordinary interior, exterior and menu choices, the American restaurant industry has one of the most exquisite assortments out there.

The Bedford elite supper club is a great example of a unique and unusual American restaurant. It is set in Chicago, in a reclaimed 1920s bank/financial institution, where the 6,000 working copper lock boxes and a massive vault room create an incredible atmosphere for the visitors.

You may visit the Bedford, which is located in Chicago’s Wicker Park and pick a table on a massive 8,000-square foot (743 sq. m) lower-level space, where all luxury materials, molds and bank decorations have been either preserved or restored.

If you are interested in finding out about other incredible places for gastronomic tourism or unusual cafes/restraurants, please check out this interactive video presentation:

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Dining in a bank VAULT: unusual Bedford restaurant in Chicago

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