Child Friendly Family Restaurant serves best Breakfast in Philippines

This is exactly the kind of places that people talk about but nobody can find it when they set out to look for it. That’s why I am writing to review, not only to tell you that such a place exists north of Manila but why you should not give up trying to find it whenever you find yourself in Angeles, Subic or Clark.

First of all, why is it worth the search? Well if breakfast (or lunch for that matter) is a little more than just filling up with food and coffee then you are one of those who prefers to start a day properly. There is no better way to do that then to implant a picture of green and blue in your mind. That’s the view from the Clearwater Garden Cafe a.k.a. Clearwater Breakfast Garden. Presented to us is the view of the lake of Clearwater Resort & country Club, a glimpse of the white-sand beach, the idyllic lakeside lodge across the lake and to the right the fabulous Frolic garden which is laced with age-old Acacia trees.

The food is standard fare, nothing that would challenge grandma or even her yayas culinary skills. Portions are fairly large but not excessive so for a fair-size human being not on a silly diet all the time, it is finish-able. I ordered the English breakfast while my companions stuck to local versions. I kinda like the bangers and the grilled tomatoes also. My friends said the Tocino was nice but I have to suspect that these were bought from somewhere and not homemade. Anyway who cares, as long as it tastes good, right?

Before we arrived, we were worried about two young children we brought along, age 3 and 5.5. To our (very pleasant) surprise and relief, we found out that there was a kiddie playground adjoining the Clearwater Garden Cafe. How thoughtful? Later I was told that members of the Clearwater Country Club which owns the cafe by the way, bring their kids over to enjoy the playground every weekend. Our kids loved it and that meant the adults could relax and enjoy the breakfast while reading newspapers also. Talking about reading, they had nice magazines too – Wine Enthusiasts! right up my alley, and Home and Garden for the better halves.

Now, getting there was not as easy as I expected. Working in my favor was the fact that I already knew of its existence from a friend who stayed in the resort several months ago. I drove in from Manila so I entered Clark the usual way, from Dau Angeles. I followed instructions well and just drove straight without making a single turn. There was a tricky fork but I was already told to bear right when in doubt. I was in doubt so I did not take the left. I past Mimosa to my left and continued on for another 100m or so and got to a big intersection. The directional signs painted on the road misled me. You see, there were two lanes on the road and painted on one was a left-turn arrow and the other a right-turn which would suggest that going straight was not an option. Well, that costed me 5 minutes. You guessed it. The correct way was to go straight! Clearwater Resort is just 150m past that big intersection and entrance is on the right.

I got their web site for you. It is I think you can google them with Clearwater Country Club or Clearwater Resort Philippines.

not being a member of Clearwater Country Club I could only enjoy the Garden cafe which is open to the public daily 7am to 7pm. I looked at the lunch menu and it was simple and inexpensive. I think this place is not about gourmet fine-dining but more about style and ambience. I have to admit, I loved it despite a light drizzle ended my stay a little prematurely. We had to retreat back to the indoor portion of the cafe after that. Maybe you’d have better luck with the weather when you visit them.
Don’t miss it whenever you have made it that far, to Angeles or Clark or even if you are coming in from Subic. This place makes you feel good and to me, that’s priceless.

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Clearwater Resort & Country Club

Creekside Road near Centennial Expo, Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines 2023

(632) 6375019 (045)599-5949 0917-520-4403 0922-870-5177 Joanne or Jeremy

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Child Friendly Family Restaurant serves best Breakfast in Philippines

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