Accomplishment ng Duterte administration, higit pa sa inaasahan — Malakanyang

Ngayong araw ang ika-isang taong panunungkulan ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa bansa.

Naniniwala ang Malakanyang na mahigit pa kaysa sa inaasahan ang nagawa ng pamahalaan sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni Pangulong Duterte.

Ito ang hataw na balita ni Rosalie Coz.

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Video credit to UNTV News & Rescue YouTube channel

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Accomplishment ng Duterte administration, higit pa sa inaasahan — Malakanyang

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  1. My heart bleeds for the dark and hard task he is facing at the moment. I could imagine how exciting and rewarding it is to create goodness for a nation you love. But at the same time, some group has different beliefs and personal intentions to defeat and challenge the present government efforts in building PH, free from illegal drugs, hideous crimes, extortions, exploitations, and more. I'm so sorry that these groups continue their black propaganda while PRRD is focusing on solving one of the many crises in the Nation. Instead of supporting actions to help people who are directly affected, some groups of the opposition are deliberately taking advantage of the situation by spreading lies against the present government. They could have put their dirty politics aside and perform their tasks for their people. They can still be a good politician even against the seated government. But unfortunately, there are worthless unsuitable senators without any shame at all.
    Could you imagine if Roxas is sitting as PH President? OMG!! Then I could call it the Epic failure of the century! 🙂

    Fortunately! The majority of true Filipinos are wiser and struggling for the real change of the nation, continue protecting and supporting PRRD. He can also have health problems like anyone. I could imagine a headache it caused! I hope that PRRD should be spare for malicious allegations.
    But I would also like to see the opposition party who are extreme violators of libel to stop. They have gone too far and should not be allowed to sit in the Senate! They are disrespecting the Rules of Law and should not be allowed to show an example to the Nation. I can only hope and pray for PRRD's health and a better PH Nation. More power to PRRD and the PH.

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