SJCAM SJ6 Legend Actioncam | Mountainbike Test | Productreview & Unboxing [ENGLISH SUB]

Welcome! In this video we're going to test the SJCAM SJ6 LEGEND together.

An action camera similiar to the GoPro.

The price is 150 EUR; I bought it at gearbest.

Com where they offer discounts sometimes thus I made a good deal; link in the video description below.

This is the second best camera in the SJCAM lineup at the moment.

There is another more expensive model the SJ7 STAR, or something.

I'm curious about the cam's features.

It has a built-in view anti-shake sensor and a built-in fish-eye remover, which I also like to try.

Also, how the cam compares to the GoPro quality.

Let's start unboxing it and find out what's inside.

Let's unpack this precious piece.

The camera with a waterproof case.

What else do we have here? Disassembling everything at once.

I'm a bit cautios.

Usually, I'd tair the bags open.

This thing's pretty cool.

This is probably one of those rotatable thingys.

Yeah! This a rotatable mount, pretty cool, quiet flat.

There's one of those, another one with a curved mount.


Oh, very cool.

I used to buy those things extra, but here, they're already coming with the cam.

Very practical; will use them today.

Because, those big cases are much too heavy and the sound is bad if the camera is enclosed.

With this comes optimum sound.

Here are some different mounts as you know it from GoPro.

Some adhesive mounts.

A handlebar mount.

Very cool.

Adhesive replacement mounts.

Even more joints.

Very cool, a tripod mount.

Very good.

And the touch backdoor.

The camera has an integrated touch screen on the back.

Let's turn it on.

Three buttons.

Aha! Sweet sound; a little chirp.

Oh, here's one of these things.

I remove it immediately.

You can leave it right there, but I just love to remove them instantly.

I turned it off.


Here we go, cam is on.

Let's see, what we have in the menu; resolution 4k, 2k, 1080p 60 frames per second, 30 frames per second, 4:3, super view! We'll try that later on.

The small resoultions don't interest me.

Loop record, we don't need that.

FOV – field of view (wide, middle, narrow).

We leave it at wide.

What else do we have? WDR WDR is,.


What's it called? WDR.


Sh*t, I don't know.

Have to look it up in the manual.

And here a gyro sensor.

Interesting! I will try this later, too and see how the result looks.

Audio, volume, we don't need a time stamp "Bit rate" set to high.

Ooops, set it to medium.

Nooo! High.

I don't need "Double File", "Power on record" neither.

Have to adjust "sharpness" to "high".

Always the best quality; "strong" is already set, alright.

What else do we have? white balance, color, illumination, distortion correction; this is the fish eye remover.

Will try this later, but leave it disabled for the first recordings.

Now the picture of the SJCAM at 1080p and 60fps.

Let's make some recordings to see the result; how do color and contrasts look.

A really, really beautiful bike! "+ picture edited" The light is pretty good for recording today because there is no bright sun; cloud cover.

The camera is going to have an easy job with a clean picture.

Let's start right off.

I'll mount the cam on the helmet and get moving.


Swap hat for helmet.

First test is with 1080p at 60 fps for a smooth picture without any additional settings.

Let's start with the first part on the trail.


"+ picture edited" "+ original picture" Next up: 2,7k at 30 fps.

I can't find the trail.

"+ picture edited" Oh, sorry, thank you! Now with enabled gyro sensor.

Meaning stabilizer to reduce shakes.

It's not really recommended to use it with such action cam recordings but let's check this feature anyway.

"+ picture edited" The camera has no external mic right now which is why the sound might be not as good as usual with an external mic used with my GoPro.

I'm now using 1080p with 30 fps and enabled superview.

A larger wide angel for a wider perspective.

Let's see.

Oh, special.


Let's see, how good the recordings are.

Gotta sprint! I'm totally exhausted.


Down again.

The camera is still set to superview but I added the fisheye remover.

I'll now enjoy the rest of the trail by myself and you'll check out the quality.

Oh, this is very narrow with the wide handlebar.

"+ picture edited" I'm interested in your opinion.

How did you like the recordings of the camera? Keep in mind: You get the cam for 150 EUR.

A third of the price of a GoPro.

I already had a look at the recordings on the screen at the back.

I find them quite cool.

The gyro recordings might by not suitable for action downhill passages, but manually by hand.

If you like to know more about the camera will find a link in die video description stay tuned – see you! *fart* subtitles by la.


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SJCAM SJ6 Legend Actioncam | Mountainbike Test | Productreview & Unboxing [ENGLISH SUB]

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