Review – Replica of Casio G-Shock Frogman Titanium – Is it water resistant?

What's up guys Adnan here and today I'm goingto the review of G-Shock's Replica.

Well i have ordered this watch via flipkart@ just 229/- which is approximately around $3.

5So, This is a replica of G-Shock.

but it not very similar to it.

because of "S"-shockbranding.

but at this price this a great watch.

itlooks nice on hand.

it is very attractive and It looks stylish and fashionable.

The build quality is good.

watch is made out of rubber plastic which feels very good,while wearing.

and On the straps we have got this patternwhich looks very attractive.

The face of this Watch is set back from thebezel so it can protects our glass from scratches.

When the hands are between 20 and 35, it ishard to read the digital display.

we have also got a light which help us toread the digital display at dark.

adjusting the analogue hands can be annoying,as the hands move only in the forward direction At one speed.

which is very SLOW.

At the bezel, where it meets the glass can be annoying to clean and wipe the glass.

And the lastly.

I have done the water resistance test.

And as you can see.

it is still working but we have got thesewater droplets inside the watch face.

well this watch is not water-resistance.

As you have seen.

it is just splash proof as expected.

but at this price range itis still a great watch.

The biggest reason to buy this watch is,,I love the look of analog, but enjoy the digital functionality too.

This one combines bothin a very attractive package.

But if you want a watch for day-to-day usagethen I'll not recommend this watch to you.

I'll strongly recommend to buy a genuine g-shock.

Well, Hope you guys found this review helpful.

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Review – Replica of Casio G-Shock Frogman Titanium – Is it water resistant?

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