How to use DJI OSMO MOBILE with GoPro Hero 5 – Stabilization Comparisons

HEY DUDE, Minna The GoPro Hero5 and DJI OSMO mounting way of Mobile Doing teaching in this video DJI OSMO Mobile and Hero5 is able to use together Tsu I Look Truly light Also It's easy use I bought the meantime Hero5 Of action sports camera is cool a Hero5 Guy to shoot Toka But the Oira was noticed It Chimau shaking screen Even shake prevention function is on In, I had the DJI OSMO Mobile, which was bought for the iPhone 6s In this video, 1.

Did mounting doing what Oira is 2.

shot Oira is using 3.

various Tsukaimichi It would smooth road And're down stairs, wonder if climbing stairs At the same, where you have a video blog Oira is, I bought an adapter has this cool in the Amazon Do not leave put the link below Me to check from there This is ,, I quite light do HERO 5 and I'm about the same weight Because both sides is the same weight, the balance is Torenda When you order online It's the fixed bracket is reach It's soooo easy, would there the two screws Cocona First I by removing the screw In, and ride to the HERO 5 on it With a fixed bracket Only interleaving the screws By Son, you will do the same as the other side It finished in Another, not what is forgotten For the hand of DJI OSMO Mobile To adjust the balance Nakyan'nan'ne The easiest way, because the guy is moving back and forth That looks like Fixed stretched full eye to the right It encourages the opposite direction on the weight of the HERO5 and DJI OSMO Mobile After at Son is ,, Fixed with screws, just turn on the power It kun up without permission.

Seriously cool Teru! Comparison Smooth road Vlog This is to shoot with the DJI OSMO Mobile I along with the GoPro HERO5 Down the stairs Climb the stairs It is easy in such a feeling! DJI OSMO Mobile existence comparison video of How was it? Me to comment on under If you have any questions! Me press the I hope If this video is me like button If you want to subscribe, me to really register Well, also a next time!.

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How to use DJI OSMO MOBILE with GoPro Hero 5 – Stabilization Comparisons

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