Hands on & Testing out Casio G-Shock G-8900A-1

Peace be upon you and how are you our beloved viewers? In this video we'll be presenting to you Casio G-shock G-8900A-1 For about 3 decades, G-shock has been the world standard for tough watches.

This G8900 model features aluminum bezel in blue color that gives extra protection to the watch.

The casing of the watch is made of resin.

On the left and right side of this watch, there are 2 buttons on each side for you to access all the cool features of this watch.

This digital watch model G8900A1 has a backlight LED light that can be activated by turning your wrist or by pressing the button on top of the watch.

The band of this watch is made of resin.

While the buckle is made of stainless steel.

The back of this watch is protected by a stainless steel plat engraved with G-Shock's logo and Shock Resist.

There are also writings of model, the factory that assembled this watch, and also the waterproof level of this watch.

All the cool features of this watch can be accessed by pushing the Mode button on the bottom left of this watch.

Some of the functions in this watch are Countdown timer Stopwatch Alarm And also world time This watch also features world time zone, which you can select when you're in some countries.

This is how it looks when worn on the hand.

To know more about this watch, please refer to the extra information we provided below.

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Hands on & Testing out Casio G-Shock G-8900A-1

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