G-Shock Alternative – Casio Men’s WS220-1BV Sport Watch

hey there everybody welcome to KReviews today I'm reviewing the Casio Men's WS 220 1BV sports watch a watch thatlooks a lot like a g-shock with out the g-shock price so stay tuned alright so I was looking for a watch so i needed something that was sporty, that I can wear rain or shine and that was digital sothe first thing that came to my mind was obviously g-shock I thought I wanted Gshock watch I'm willing to pay almost anything so I went on the Gshock site andstarted to look at some of their options and i realized there's no way I'll be ableto pay for any of these watches so I start to poke around online lookingfor something that was maybe a bit similar and I found this Casio watch nowCasio makes g-shock watches so we all know that the pre reliable and goodbrand and they've been around forever so we know they make good watches that'snot the issue my issue was price so I wanted something that was affordable andI paid this watch $40 on Amazon and honesty I cannot be happier, the name is not as coolas g-shock, Casio Men's WS 220 1BV Casio Tough Solar sport watch now that's not as cool as maybe you know g-shock or whatever but the 40 bucks you getting afreakin steal my opinion I've been using this watch for a little bit now and it'scomfortable it's strong and durable it's pretty cool looking I always have people ask me is that a Gshock andwhatever I just say Casio makes g-shock anyways no big deal and i said im just reallyimpressived with this watch I think the only thing that I have to say that I dislike is thefact that the backlight is not very Bright and when the backlight is off in the dayor whatever it's still not super super visible but I mean you can still see yano trouble see anything it's just that it'd be nicer if it was just a littlebit more clear let's say but besides that, fantastic watching loads of optionsI love watches that you can put a 24 hour clock on because that's waht I like to use, you change all the datesstopwatch reminders all forms of gizmos and for 40 bucks you're getting bang for your buck, and I'm really impressed.

alright so if you're interested in the.



I'll say it again.

the WS220-1BvCasio mens watch the link will be down in the description below and asalways like if you enjoyed the video comment down below for any questions or suggestions andplease please subscribe and I'llcatch you in the next video.


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G-Shock Alternative – Casio Men’s WS220-1BV Sport Watch

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