CM Flare S3 Review –

In the recent years, the smartphone market has been booming in the Philippines as we know it.

We, Filipinos got more in touch with gadgets and we are getting technology conscious day by day.

This resulted to local businessmen taking the opportunity and spurring the creation of several smartphone companies, and Cherry Mobile isn’t an exemption.

The local smartphone company has been known for it’s greater bang for the buck offerings, and this includes the one that we are reviewing today, the third iteration of Cherry Mobile‘s Flare S series,the Flare S3.

When I first held the device, it actually surprised me that it holds its own in this aspect despite the price.

Its faux leather back cover gives you the feel of a premium device and more importantly a securing feel that you won’t drop the device while holding it.

It also has the same fake stitches on its back cover resembling those of Samsung’s Note Series of devices.

It also has the same design on it’s chrome-accented frame which resembles the pages of a notebook.

While the front is all black with slightly thin bezels.

Overall looks, the Cherry Mobile Flare S3 has a great, thin and sleek design for its price.

Moving on to hardware, the Flare S3 sports a 5-inch qHD, with a small q 960X540 IPS OGS Display and is powered by a 1.

3 gHz quad-core processor which isn’t underpowered by any means The Flare S3 uses back-lit capacitive buttons, on my unit though, the buttons are not necessesarily well-lit but are just bright enough for most situations.

Found on the top-front is its earpiece,flanked by the 5MP camera on the left and by the proximity and light sensor on the right.

On the top is its 3.

5 mm audio jack, on the right edge is its sleep-wake/power button and on the left is its unified volume rocker.

This is unified in the sense that it is designed to resemble a single button though itis actually composed of two.

While only the microUSB 2.

0 Port is found at the bottom.

On the back is its 13 MP camera with Back Side Illumination for better low-light photos.

Included in the box is its 1800 mAh battery, earphones with mic and phone button.

A regular 5-volt charger and lastly all the device’s paper works.

On the display, the S3’s 5 inch display on first look is crisp and vivid, though it is not on par with flagship displays, it is one of the better qHD displays, again with a small q, in the local market.

It has a pixel density of 240 ppi.

And the color reproduction is decent though on my unit , it tends to lean on the bluish and cooler color temperature.

But overall details are great and colors come out well, it also has a considerable high amount of brightness.

Though I don’t know and haven’t measured the nits yet, I can guarantee you that this display is bright and vivid.

It natively supports 1080 p playback and can also play 4K and 2K videos by using the app MX Player and tweaking some settings.

Since we have already tackled the hardware, why not tackle the software as well, On the software particularly the UI, the app icons uses the stock theme while the settings and status bar icons are slightly customized.

On pre-installed apps, it comes with the usual Cherry Mobile apps and a few, with the revamped Start *Lockscreen which actually looks good.

The usual Google Applications also come pre-installed.

It runs on Android 4.


2 KikKat.

Though on my unit I’ve performed rooting and various customizations to match my personal preference.

The native launcher on my observation runs fast and fluid since it’s only lightly customized and mostly resembles stock Android.

And moving on to the most important, if not the most important aspect of every phone, performance.

The Flare S3 runs fast and fluid on basic tasks such as texting, calling and internet browsing.

The native browser is also quick and responsive while loading, scrolling and zooming in and out of webpages.

In gaming, the Flare S3 can handle casual to Graphically intensive games decently with little to no lag and dropped frames.

Though some games may experience more problems which can be blamed on poor optimization by the game developers for the device’s chip set.

Now let’s proceed to the more important side of things, especially considering a smartphone, or any phone in this case, The Battery and Up time.

The Flare S3’s 1800 mAh battery has an endurance that depends on usage.

On heavy usage, the battery can last for 3-4 hours.

While on light to moderate usage, it can last for up to even 2 days and that is based on my observation.

On the other hand the Flare S3 has excellent standby endurance, I left it with WiFi on and in 100% battery and by the morning, It only went down by 1-2 percent.

So generally, it has average to great battery life which depends on the user’s usage, whether he/she is a light, medium or a heavy user.

Moving on tho the Flare S3’s audio department, it has a single rear-firing speaker.

Though it is a single speaker, it provides a loud and rich performance, again, considering its price, though it can be tinny at times.

When using a headset it provides decent performance at best, nothing special but still can do the job.

Overall, the Flare S3’s audio performance is satisfactory for its price and is expected for a device in this range.

Moving on to photography, The Flare S3 has a good rear-facing camera and a decent front facing one.

Its default camera app supports face detection, HDR or High Dynamic Range , smile shot and voice capture which is basically support for voice commands for taking a picture or recording a video.

Overall the camera on the back takes good photos in well-lit areas though it tends to struggle in low-light scenarios.

But that’s the same as most smartphone cameras nowadays.

The front camera is of decent quality and is good for video calls and self-portraits.

Camera samples will be shown at the end of this video.

So wrapping it all up, and in conclusion, the Cherry Mobile Flare S3 is at most the perfect example of greater bang for the buck offering.

You get more than what you paid for.

It’s beautiful build, performance, and display seem to contrast it’s considerably low price.

It is no doubt one of the best in its price range and one that’s gonna be worth every peso you spend.

And that my friends ends the review of the Cherry Mobile Flare S3.

This is Techno Logia And remember that you are seeing and knowing this device through our eyes, but there’s no better guarantee than seeing and testing it for yourself.

That is all and have a good day.

Low-Light Front Camera Shot Sufficient Light Rear Camera Shot Rear Camera Sample Shot Rear Camera Macro Shot Single Rear-Firing speaker Audio Sample.

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CM Flare S3 Review –

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