Chest Mount | How to Mount | How to Wear | SJCAM SJ4000 [Deutsch/English subtitles]

Hey there! Today, we got the chest mount.

I've been waiting 8 days for it,.

But for the low price its ok.


What's written on it.

? "GANVOL" "Eco-Green" "Stay Protected & Connected" Some labels.

And here.

Chest mount for GoPro Hero 2, 3,.

We know.

That the SJ4000 is compatible with the GoPro products,.

It will fit.

We will see.

Let's unpack it! These two straps come over the shoulders,.

And here are the lateral straps.

Here you open the clasp,.

Put it on and.

Close it.

Here you got the plate.

A J-Hook, which comes with the SJ4000.

Mount it button-up.

By pressing the J-Hook entirely into the plate (is a little stiff).


It's in and fixed.

Then grab the screw which is also included.

Mount the SJ4000 upside down on the J-Hook.

and screw it tight.

Then it looks like this.

The cam has the option to rotate the image With this mount we can adjust the angle,.

So you won't film only the ground while biking.

That's me wearing the chest mount with cam in the case.

As you can see, the straps are elastic – didn't noticed it while unboxing.

Very comfortable to wear.

Good value! This angle is for standing positions,.

for filming straight forward.

As soon as you lean forward, for example, at cycling,.

You have to change the angle of the cam,.

So you don't just film the ground.

While standing the camera position looks up, like this.

In biking position the cam looks straight.

Here we got the clasp.

Just open it and take it of like a vest.

And it's just as easy to close it.

As you can see, the mounting plate is not quite centered,.

But the lens of the cam is! Have fun! See you next time!.


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Chest Mount | How to Mount | How to Wear | SJCAM SJ4000 [Deutsch/English subtitles]

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