Casio W-736H Vibro Alarm Watch.


Today, in my video review a new watch Casio W-736H-1AV let's look atit closer.

This watch is a fairly largecasing diameter of the housing 44 mm,between the extremes Now these points of 46 mm 15 millimeters Case Thickness Acrylic glass.

a rubber strap.

The clasp of plastic back cover ofof stainless steel four screws fixed Waterproof 10BARor 100 meters for this reviewI prepared the previous model This Casio W-735H-8AV Both models are very similar body shapeis almost identical.

note All buttons layout and All the projections almost the same.

except the display.

we'll talk about it later.

so dial.

was veryimportant change let's compare these two models.

I always criticized Casio earlier and now finally it happened! They listened to my voice and common sense and finally they removed all unnecessaryindicators which here were a great many.

And now only a largeinformative display left.

I keep two clocks side by side and you see how readability become betterbecause the display became larger.

They have removed all unnecessary.

And now let'sreturn to this new model, andconsider all of its features on the display in the lower are:Hours minutes seconds also at the bottom of the housing applied all modes.

also at the top It is the day of the week, month and the date.

a 24-hour indicator (military Time) so modes timer mode It is quite simple Timer, I will not show in detail The stopwatch modeHere is an interesting feature of auto start It's activates by pressing this button hereauto start indicator what it is, I am nowshow five secondsstarts reverse Countdown from 5 to 0 and then thestopwatch starts stopwatchsimple enough with a simplesplit mode thus hereSPL indicator displayed As long as you do not press SPLIT stopwatch displays Split Result press againand we return to the current stopwatch time.

Stop and reset next mode mode.

The alarm clock also has a function of a signal every 60 minutes at the beginning of each hour activatedalarm clock hourly signal orboth simultaneously.

also presentsecond Time Zone mode or Dual Time mode.

accordingly, we can set the time in another time zone.

And now Let's talk about the mostinteresting feature of thiswatch.

The watch has a function of vibration signal.

vibration mode We can activate it by pressing this right button for 3-4 seconds.

there is a short vibration and VIB indicator appears.

at oncealso mutes buttons.

payaccount of all modes are now switchsilently and one more thing ofimportant changes except the display, finally inthis clock vibrate becamestrong enough.

If in the previous modelVibration was weak and when compared such as Timex watches when compared this one previous model of Casioand Timex This popular model T49851 an old Casio vibration was significantly weaker.

And that old Casio lost significantly.

Now onmy feelings the vibration became about the same.

By the way, you can compare and figures At comparable size body Timex still has a much larger digits than the new model Casio but nevertheless Casio have occurred change for the better.

I believe that the Casiogoes the right way.

Now letwe will see Emm.

I almost forgot to say.

Casio has a 3V long lasting lithium battery and producerdeclares up to ten years battery life, i.


theseWatches are very economical.

Let's seeyour watch on my wrist and a backlight second name of this watch Illuminator.

hereIt has two high-power LED.

Here is the clockOn the wrist comfortable and light.

and now look atbacklight The backlight is very bright and it has a peculiarity.

if usually backlights looks like this, it was on the previous model and lighting was verygood! Nowbacklight turns on negative mode,there are bright digits against a dark background Readability got a little worse, butgood enough thanks toTwo high-power LEDs.

Well now summarize.

I believe that this newmodel is improved version.

For it is worth paying a little more because it costs a little more expensive than the previous one,but those improvements have occurred worth to pay for them for a few dollars more.

And on this I I finish my review.

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See you in new video!.

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Casio W-736H Vibro Alarm Watch.

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