Casio G-Shock GD350-8 Grey Watch

Hello friends.

Today in my video review the Casio G-Shock GD 350-8 This is limited edition.

Now I'll show you everything.

usedmodule 3403 a big enoughmanuals in box a traditionalhexagonal metal tin an international warranty card and a finally the watch The watch has a big brutal form with protruding edges.

between the extremespoints 50 millimeters body diameter 48 mm The thickness of the body 17 millimeters a plastic housing a mineral glass glass enoughstrongly drowned inside the housing.

hereThese protrusions above a few millimeters.

They are well protected glass of the dial from damage.

metal bracket.

Dual metal stopper.

Here is the back cover.

Logo G-Shock.

Module 3403.

stainless steel Made in China.

Water resistance 20 baror 200 meters Please note, there arewings that help to correcttarget band, so it took a wrist shape.

and now lettalk aboutthe features In Timekeeping Mode there arehours and minutes seconds DST indicator alarm indicator Snooze mode indicator Date, number of the monthmonth – May weekday This is an uselessindicator which changes every second.

Here, display, which shows What modes are activated.

In particular, the vibration signal mode.

The World time.

In watch memory added as many as 100 cities theresome news including Domestic andof Eastern Europe were WarsawSofia Athens Helsinki and even Kiev.

this novelty forresidents of Ukraine.

I've never seen before Kiev city in G-Shock Now this citythere is next mode – The Alarm Clock.

There are 5 alarms.

1,2,3,4,5 Fifth Alarm Clock with Snooze function.

When the signal is repeated everyfive minutes we canactivate a 1 time mode – onceoperation or dailyoperation, as well as disable the alarm.

The stopwatch Stopwatch has a Split Mode We can get the intermediate result So I clicked and we have an intermediate result wherein stopwatchstill working.

and then press againWe return to the current measurement mode.

note Stop.

whatin the top line always shownthe current time and reset The Countdown timer.

let's be reset to zero.

Timer is set for 10 minutes.

We can set the value that we need.

activatethis button after soundsbeep or vibration signal becausethis watch equipped with a silent vibrating alarm.

This feature is very useful.

Stop and Reset.

I'm not entirely allshow.

And we return to the Timekeeping Mode.

There is quite an interesting feature I see it for the first time.

thisdirect activation of the timer from the Home mode by pressing this button.

That is, in Timekeeping mode we press the lower right buttonthere is a second line which immediatelyIt begins the countdown timer interval.

and thatinteresting.

The timer can not be stopped by pressing the same button while in Home mode.

this button we can only start the countdown Timer.

To stop the timer, we can only in timer mode.

Here we can stop the timer if you need to.

Let's once again show it.


from the main modewe can directlystart the countdown timer by pressing one button.

perhaps this featuresomeone will need.

Now a few words aboutvibration signal.

that's enough rare feature I would say that the watch has aaverage strength of vibration signal.

For example, in the Timex T49851 (T49951) vibration signala little bit stronger.

But this one has a stronger vibration than For example, the Casio W 735 has.

Casio W -735 – quite popular and inexpensive watch with vibration signal.

However, I believe that the GD-350 has a signal strong enough to you it surely felt when watch is on your wrist.

Well, now it is necessaryshow the clock on the wrist and the backlight Here is thewatch on my wrist.

My wrist is 18 cm and for me this watch is a little bit large, isn't it.

The Watches in military style.

Large, brutal men's watches.

color Min.

No color printing.

inscriptions generally not highlighted All the captions are embedded in the housing.

No paint on it.

let us nowsee backlight.

By the way, the clock is very light.

Because the watch has a plastic case and strap, it weighs about 60 grams I did not measure more accurately the weight.

Well, that's the backlight.

no questions askedbecause lights very bright andcontrast used twobright LEDs You see everything.

Friends! At the finish his review.

if youI liked it, put his fingers over.

put thumbs up ).

thanks to all.


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Casio G-Shock GD350-8 Grey Watch

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