2017 Subaru Impreza Sport – First Look


For more than two decades the Subaru Impreza has offered shoppers and affordable all-wheel-drive choice.

And here we have the latest iteration a completely redesigned and present sedan and hatchback with evolutionary styling changes and a lot of standard features.

Certainly an evolutionary styling change here a bit of an angry expression with more creased headlights here actually looks a lot like the WRX which is still based on the previous generation and present come on the site is an interesting cut line.

It follows right after the front fender and kind of gently rise is here toward the rear which when you get around there some more significant differences in the taillights much wider than before give the car a little more visual with.

No inside a very functional interior lots of storage areas open areas you can throw things pretty good visibility thanks very narrow a-pillars those are all kind of calling cards of subaru in general.

Straightforward center stack here a new touch screen here has physical buttons and knobs that’s nice to see versus the capacitive touch buttons and some other Subarus with the screen apple car play and android out of both of those will be standard.

And i gotta say overall materials up here good software they count where your arms your elbows land.

Subaru doesn’t have exact interior specifications but they do say that cabin room has increased and wheel bases up an inch.

I got to say the old impreza adequate in terms of legroom this actually feels pretty generous in a nice high seating position.

To have materials due cheaping out a little bit back here that’s actually an area the olden president kept up pretty well.

Another feature the impressive retains are armed hinges for the trunk here that go into these sort of tunnels off to the side. They don’t sit down and talk any car you have in there. That’s a rare feature actually among compact cars. So lots of standard features but we don’t know the full value yet until super releases pricing. And that won’t happen until closer to the new and presence on sale date this December 2016.

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2017 Subaru Impreza Sport – First Look

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